Organ Donor

          To whom this may concern
           Right now I am lost for words I don’t know where to start my son Joseph was a very special boy he meant the world to me. Joseph was full of life always had a smile on his face and was always a giving and caring person. Joseph’s older brother was his life, his mentor and his role model. Joseph made so many people laugh, he had a great personality. Joseph enjoyed school, playing video games and just hanging out with his family and loved MMA.
 Joseph was allergic to milk, on Halloween while he was trick-or-treating he had an allergic reaction and went into anaphylactic shock. He was rushed to the hospital. Joseph was in the hospital and on a respirator for five days. Joseph was given multiple tests and was responding to any of them.  The night before his final test we spoke to the organ donors network where they asked us if we were willing to donate his organs, at that time I told them no I could not face the reality that he was gone and I was hoping the last test would show some sign of improvement. That night my son and I prayed in the chapel at the hospital all night for a miracle. I prayed that his brain would heal, I prayed if he could get a new brain. The next morning we received the news that there was no improvement, as we got the news one of the organ donor employees walked in, she was not supposed to be there she saw I was so upset the night before and she came to see how I was doing. When I saw her walk in the room it hit me, that night I was praying I was begging for somebody to help my son. As my eyes filled up with tears she walked over to me, I told her I wanted to donate Joseph’s organs. I didn’t want any other parent to feel the way I did at that moment. I realized that there were other parents, children and family members praying for an organ to save their loved one. As I said Joseph was a giver he would be playing with something and if somebody wanted it, he would give it no matter if it was his favorite toy or his favorite videogame. I know he would want to help others. Not only will he help others, but he will live on through all of the recipients he helped. I hope Joseph’s gift helps you and your family. I hope your prayers came true. I hope you get to hug you’re children and you’re family. It would be my honor to meet the families and the recipients that my son gave this gift to. As I pray for Joseph, I also pray every day for who ever received his organs, that everything was a success and there were no complications and you had a quick recovery. I light a candle in church each week, one for Joseph and one for anyone who received a transplant and their families. This was one of the best decision that I have ever made. Joseph was very special to me, and I know now he will live on through you. They say everything happens for a reason, for Joseph it was to help you, and for me it was knowing he didn’t die in vain. It would be an honor to meet you and your family someday.
       Yours truly,
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